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Lyme Disease, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis, Tularemia and Ehrlichiosis in Massachusetts



Mosquito Squad of the North Shore keeps you “in the know” when it comes to tick-borne diseases in the area.

There are, unfortunately, quite a few tick-borne diseases throughout our area here in Massachusetts. The most widely known is of course is Lyme disease. But there are other illnesses that can wreak just as much havoc on our health and our lives. Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis, Tularemia and Ehrlichiosis among others have all been reported in Massachusetts.

According to the MA Health Department, these other notable tick-borne diseases are on the rise in Mass. Among these are Tularemia and Babesiosis, with reports of the disease increasing over 7-fold since the inception of reporting the disease in 1990. Ehrlichiosis reports have also increased 5-fold since 1997 when the MA Health Department began reporting on this disease as well.

Tall grasses and wooded areas make the perfect spot for ticks to converge.

Tall grasses and wooded areas make the perfect spot for ticks to converge.

Symptoms to look for that could indicate you have contracted a tick-borne illness are headaches, fever, fatigue, joint pain and neck stiffness, unexplained rash, and body and muscle aches. Many of the symptoms of having a tick-borne illness mimic those of the flu, but should not be overlooked. Diagnosing a tick-borne disease early is crucial for successful treatment and avoidance of disease progression. There is no “magic cure” to these tick-borne diseases; however, the illnesses can be treated with various antibiotics to much success in most circumstances.

tick on finger.

Ticks are tiny, yet very dangerous.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention chart the incidences of various tick-borne diseases in the U.S. and the in 2008 reported 961 confirmed cases of Ehrlichiosis, and the numbers are rising annually,  In 2011 the CDC also concluded in a recent article released by the CDC, that cases of Babesiosis in our nearly neighboring Hudson Valley area had increased 20 fold and has been considered to be an endemic in parts of the Lower Hudson Valley for nearly two decades. This is too close for comfort for many Massachusetts residents to ignore and are taking heed to the real dangers of the plethora of tick-borne ailment occurrences in proximity to the Northern Shores of Massachusetts.

no ticks

No Ticks- No Disease

Since there is no immunization to protect us from these tick-borne diseases, tick control and prevention  is your best defense in reducing your risk of coming into contact with a tick carrying one of these illnesses. Mosquito Squad has compiled an easy list of the best ways to avoid ticks on and around your home and yard. We call them the 6C’s of tick-proofing your yard.

  1. Clear out debris. Debris often accumulates in moist shady areas where ticks thrive (they usually die in sunny dry areas).
  2. Clean. Eliminate leaf litter, brush off sidewalks and mow tall grass to cut down on the places ticks can harbor.
  3. Choose plants that aren’t attractive to deer. In areas where deer are present this is very important because deer will carry ticks right into your yard.
  4. Check hiding places periodically. Ticks like to hide along the base of fences and brick walls.
  5. Care for family pets. Ticks can easy hide in the fur of your pets. If your pets spend time in areas where ticks may be present, make sure you apply a topical tick medication.
  6. Call the pros. Mosquito Squad’s tick control eliminates ticks before they can bit and danger your friends and family.

Anthony Pascetta owner of Mosquito Squad of the North Shore with his right hand man- Dread Skeeter

To learn more about ways to reduce your risk of meeting a tick face-to-face in your backyard this season, contact Mosquito Squad of the North Shore. We can aid in keeping you and your family healthy and happy this Spring all the way to Fall.

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