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From our parent company, Outdoor Living Brands:

Ten days ago, we began a donation matching campaign in an effort to raise $50,000 for the American Red Cross to help people in need after the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida. Today is the last day to donate.

Please take a moment and donate below so we can get closer to our goal of $25,000, together raising $50,000 for the Red Cross.

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You’ve seen our stories about franchisees impacted by the hurricanes over the past few days, and we’d like to share one last story with you. Shelly Godde from Mosquito Squad of Saint Petersburg-Clearwater and Joe Bogdan from Mosquito Squad of Tampa Bay joined forces yesterday to provide complimentary mosquito protection to first responders in North Fort Myers, Florida.
On Sunday, Shelly received a call from Jeff Beaver of Storm Services, LLC, a company that helps support large numbers of workers who are temporarily relocated by providing housing, food, water, and sanitary facilities. They specialize in the design, construction, operation and management of full base camp setups.

Jeff said instead of waiting for Lee County to mobilize their mosquito control workers, he’d rather protect the camp now. The base camp was set up on the fairgrounds of Lee Civic Center in North Fort Myers over the weekend. Their facilities and staff provide housing for first responders and others, like electrical teams and tree cutting professionals who have come from out of state to help. Unfortunately, the devoted laborers have been spending all day in the field working to help the community and returning to the base camp unable to sleep due to the relentless mosquitoes.

Shelly and Joe made the two-hour trip down to North Fort Myers and began treating the tents. It took about two hours to cover the fairgrounds property. They protected the sleeping, laundromat, and shower tents for Storm Services.

Thank you, Shelly and Joe. We applaud your efforts to help those in need.
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From our parent company, Outdoor Living Brands: Ten days ago, we began a donation matching campaign in an effort to raise $50,000 for the American Red Cross to help people in need after the extensiv...

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The first human case of West Nile Virus in Massachusetts this year! Don't neglect your mosquito safety now: ... See MoreSee Less

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What is the Most Deadliest Animal on Earth?

We’ve told you before… mosquitoes have been killing machines since the dinosaurs. Do you remember this past story about mosquitoes? We reminded you that Aristotle questioned the purpose of them way back in 300 B.C. and that it’s believed that Alexander the Great probably died from Malaria in 323 B.C.

Over and over in history, we see where mosquitoes and the diseases they carry have wreaked havoc on this planet. In 1898, Dr. Walter Reed found that mosquitoes were spreading yellow fever amongst the troops during the Spanish-American war. Up until his research, it was assumed that the spread was through bedding and clothing. Because he found the link to mosquitoes, yellow fever was almost completely wiped out at the time. In the United States, we may be inclined to think of plagues and fevers that wipe out populations as a thing of the past. But that is far from the truth.

Mosquitoes Really Are the Deadliest Creatures

When we wrote the previous article, the Bill Gates foundation said that mosquitoes killed approximately 725,000 people a year. As of now, in Cnet’s report of the 24 deadliest animals in the world, that number is up to 1 million. So as the deadliest animal by far in the world, with humans killing humans ranking 2nd by more than 50% less, there is so much work to be done.

Though it was eradicated in the United States in 1949, Malaria still makes for the majority of these deaths in Africa and other 3rd world nations. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year to fight this terribly deadly disease. In the US there are those that affect us as well. West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis all exist here in the US and can be fatal.

The Mosquito Battle Fought At Home

With staggering numbers of deaths caused by mosquitoes and money spent to fight disease, it seems that we should all be willing to do what we can on the home front. It all boils down to what we can control. You can begin by following the 5 Ts of mosquito control to remove areas that are favorable for mosquito habitats. Fewer places for mosquitoes to thrive results in fewer mosquitoes.

Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts and Mosquito Squad of the North Shore would like to help you take that control to the next level. Our barrier treatment eliminates mosquitoes on contact and continues to work for 21 days. By creating a plan with us for the entire season we can keep your family safe from diseases and comfortable in your outdoor surroundings without those pesky and dangerous mosquitoes flying about. Call us today. 877-925-4563






For every spray treatment purchased, we donate $1.00 to Malaria No More.
Mosquito control is now a reality thanks to Mosquito Squad, the mosquito exterminator. Our affordable, effective and convenient mosquito control solutions offer something for everyone.

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